Zinc works as a trigger for over 200 enzymes that are in almost every cell of your body. It also contributes to essential functions life synthesizing proteins an genetic material, energy production, immunity, metabolism and antioxidant activity.

Zinc is present in all cells in the body. As part of enzyme reactions, zinc is involved in such diverse biochemical activities as protein digestion, amino acid metabolism, energy production, bone metabolism, vitamin A utilization, and insulin production. Zinc is necessary for growth and development, and to maintain normal immune function. It is also important for the synthesis of protein and the genetic material DNA.

Adding supplemental zinc to the diets of middle– schoolers led to improvements in both memory and attention span, according to preliminary research conducted at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center in North Dakota. In the study, kids given 20 mg of zinc five days a week for 10 to 12 weeks performed better on memory tasks and had longer attention spans than those who did not receive zinc supplements. You can use this coupon for iherb for any product from this store.

• One tablet provides 100% of the Daily Value for zinc
• Formulated with highly bioavailable zinc gluconate in a base of alfalfa and roasted barley
• Vegetarian formula

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